+ Onward to motherhood

Whether you’re just dipping a toe in the water or you want to dive right in, the Baby+Company Winston-Salem team is here to help you.

$70 (covered by most insurance plans)

The healthier you are before pregnancy, the easier it is to get pregnant and the more likely you are to have a healthy pregnancy and baby.

A health coach and midwife team gives expert advice that’s tailored to you, as you are, right now. Leave with a detailed plan of priorities and goals personalized for your body and life, and you’ll find out if a specialist may be required.

Get started. Get Well+Prepared.

$25 each or all four for $75

Take a class, raise your knowledge, meet fellow future moms. You’ll get information you can put to immediate use and practical tools to help you reach your goals.

Well+Prepared Classes:

  • Eat: Learn simple ways to eat better for fertility and a healthy pregnancy
  • Breathe: Start your mindfulness practice for fertility, pregnancy, and parenting.
  • Nest: Get smart about money, before baby.
  • Conceive: Know your fertility signs so you can conceive when it's time.

Get informed.  Get Well+Prepared.

$115/month - includes 2 visits and free access to Well+Prepared classes

For some women, boosting chances of conception may be a matter of a lifestyle change, like changing some of the foods you eat or finding healthy ways to manage stress. Whatever your health or lifestyle goals, your personal Pre-pregnancy Health Coach can guide and motivate you to achieve them.

So while you’re hoping for a plus sign on the home pregnancy test, you can still hit other marks and increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy.

Get motivated. Get Well+Prepared.