We have made the difficult decision to close our three birth centers in North Carolina. We did not make this decision lightly, but market conditions and the payer landscape in North Carolina made these centers financially unsustainable. 

Our passionate and talented team of midwives and employees have cared for over 4,000 women and families in North Carolina. We are extremely proud of the quality of care and experiences we provided. 

Despite challenging market conditions, we have a proven track record for our innovative model of maternity care, while saving payers and families in North Carolina $27 million. Some of our accomplishments include: 

  • C-section rates that are 3x lower than the low-risk c-section rate in the hospital (8% v. 24%). 
  • Pre-term birth rates that are a third of North Carolina’s average 3% v. 10% 
  • Fetal and newborn mortality rate that is half of the perinatal mortality rate for low-risk births in the hospital 0.42% v 0.64% 
  • Net promoter score of 90, nearly unheard of in health care and well above labor and delivery average of 65 

We understand the impact our decision has on patients and midwives and are committed to supporting them through this process. 

We remain committed to the cause of improving maternity care in the United States because the current system remains broken. We will continue our efforts to provide a financially sustainable and scalable model of maternity care with our center in Nashville and elsewhere.